Description of Courses and Activities

Language Classes

The classes are designed to enhance the Korean and English language proficiencies of international and local students through intensive and interactive sessions. The students will be placed in groups corresponding to the proficiency levels they demonstrate in the placement test on the first day.


K-Beauty: Skincare, Nail Art, and Makeup

K-Beauty classes will be conducted by renowned skincare, makeup, and nail art professionals in Korea. Under the supervision of instructors, students will have one-to-one hands-on experience with their fellow participants using Korean cosmetic products and beauty tools. K-Beauty training will last for a week with three to four sessions in total. All participants are expected to participate in the course as it offers practical and fun contents for everyone, both males and females.


K-Sports: Taekwondo

Taekwondo, as the most popular branch of Korean martial arts, promotes respect, peace, and humility in addition to physical as well as mental strength. Participants will have a week-long experience of basic taekwondo training during their stay in the KDU Global. The classes will be conducted by professional KDU Taekwondo Club members assisted by local students. Nothing rejuvenates the students more than the synchronic group training after Korean language and culture classes!



The purpose of the classes is to enable the students to have a hands-on experience of preparing some of the well-known Korean meals in kitchen-classrooms. The sessions will be supervised by professors from KDU’s International Hotel Management Department. Students will work both in teams and individually. Once prepared, foods are to be shared and enjoyed by the students themselves in designated dining spaces.



Professional choreographers teach the students K-Pop dance moves in live and friendly classes. Synchronized group practices always fascinate the program participants and leave them with unforgettable memories. The classes consist of three to four sessions and last for a week. Just like all other activities, everyone will get the chance to be involved in K-Pop classes and feel like a star at KDU Global!


Traditional Instrumental Music

While South Korea has a long list of traditional instruments, the Traditional Music Instrument (TIM) classes will allow the students acquire the basic skills to play ‘모듬북’ (‘drums’), which carries both folklore and royal spirit. By producing synchronic marching sounds in groups, the participants usually experience the sense of unity, distraction from stress, and historical elements of music that has thrived in Korean culture. Enthusiastic professionals will make the classes fun and entertaining for everyone!


Hanbok and Tea Ceremony

Fall in love with the stunning designs, colors, and patterns of the traditional Korean clothing. Each element of Hanbok contains diverse meaning, including consideration, courtesy for others and good wish for life. Hanbok also embrace the spirit of Koreans, including aesthetic awareness, and the philosophy of life. Participants will have the opportunity to wear the Hanbok for the tea ceremony. Enjoy a special tea ceremony experience with lots of historical information from professors of KDU-Korean Studies.


Korean Traditional Calligraphy & Fan Making

Participants will have hands on experience of the ancient Korean art form of writing, Korean Calligraphy and will make a handmade Korean fan. Creating calligraphy is seen as an act of discipline, as something one does to train their mind, and is much more than just a technical exercise. After this session, the piece of calligraphy created by the participants can be a souvenir for them to keep and cherish.


Korean Traditional Games in Folk Village

Games deliver a sense of excitement and a taste of Korean values in a traditional Korean folk village. Among many, one of the most interesting games is ‘Tuho.’ This game is very popular amongst those of royal or noble birth back in the day. The rules are very simple as players need to throw arrows into a pot. The one with the most arrows inside the pot wins. International students will experience both individual and team games along with their Korean peers.

 Note: Detailed program schedule will be sent to the participants upon the completion of admissions.