About Goseong/Sokcho

Sokcho and Goseong are coastal cities in South Korea's Gangwon-Do province, which is a popular tourist destination that offers a blend of history, culture, national parks, natural beauty, and local cuisine. It serves as a gateway to the famous Seoraksan National Park, Bongpo, and Sokcho Beaches, which are must-visit destinations for both Koreans and foreigners in the country.

Sokcho and Goseong areas can be explored and enjoyed to the fullest in any season of the year. The cities attract thousands of visitors every day, including domestic tourists who come with their families and friends to enjoy the picturesque scenery and local activities. For KDU Global students, Sokcho and Goseong offer an opportunity to explore and learn about South Korea's history, culture, and natural beauty.

Apart from the beaches and parks, Sokcho and Goseong have many things to offer, including temple stays, natural hot springs, and amazing food experiences. The areas are known for their local cuisine and delicious seafood. Located in Sokcho, Sokcho Central Market offers a unique and diverse range of food - famous Korean-style fried chicken, seafood spicy noodles, and many more.

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