What is KGIP

KDU Global Immersion Program (KGIP) is an annual event organized and fully funded by Kyungdong University Global. KGIP is intended to bring hundreds of international and Korean students together for an opportunity to build international networks, experience various cultures and values, and enhance language, interpersonal, and career-tailored professional skills through customized courses, exciting events, trips, and activities in the most popular touristic area of South Korea!

This year’s KGIP offers two sessions for international students:


Session I: Global Networking and Korea


Session II: Global Student Mobility - Academic Semester


International students can apply to any one or both sessions. All applicants will be subjected to the same admission requirements and procedures.

All qualified international students admitted to the program will be granted “KDU Global Scholarship” that fully covers the tuition fees, on-campus accommodation, and participation costs for all field trips, activities, and sessions!

KGIP is a highly competitive and truly unique opportunity for international students from all over the world!

We welcome and look forward to having you for KGIP 2023 at KDU Global, South Korea!