Admission Requirements

International students can participate in any one or both sessions of KGIP 2024: Session I (July 15 ~ August 9, 2024) and Session II (August 26 ~ December 13, 2023).

Irrespective of sessions, all applicants are subjected to the same eligibility, documentation, admission, and visa requirements and procedures.


International students must meet the following requirements at the time of application to KDU Global Immersion Program 2024:       

Required Documents

  1. Application Form and Statement of Interest (Online).
  2. Passport Copy (Valid travel passport only).
  3. Certificate of Enrollment from Current University
  4. Academic Transcript from Current University
  5. Copy of High School Graduation Certificate/Diploma
  6. Passport Size Photo 

Important Notes:
        • All documents must be translated into English and notarized if originally issued in other languages.
        • Items 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 above must be scanned and combined into one PDF file in the given order.
        • The PDF file must be renamed as “Country_LastName” (Example: “Greece_Jokubas”) and uploaded in the online application.
        • Only those who submit the complete and valid set of documents will be considered in the application screening stage.
        • Only one application per student can be submitted. Multiple submissions by the same applicant will significantly delay the processing time for the applicant’s evaluation.

Documents Required for Final Admission
Prior to the issuance of Final Admission and Scholarship Certificates, only the students who pass the screening stage will be contacted with additional guidelines to submit*:
        (1) Apostilled/Certified copy of Certificate of Enrollment from Current University (Apostilled/Certified)
        (2) Apostilled/Certified copy of High School Graduation Certificate/Diploma
        (3) Bank Balance Certificate
        (4) Application Fee Payment Receipt

*Note: In accordance with the pertinent Korean immigration regulations, students from certain countries may be exempted from submitting: (1) Apostilled/certified copies of Certificate of Enrollment from Current University; (2) Apostilled/certified copy of High School Diploma, and (3) Bank Balance Certificate for the issuance of final admission letters.