Frequently Asked Questions


  1. My country is in visa-waiver agreement with South Korea, and/or I qualify for K-ETA. Do I still have to obtain D-2-8 visa to participate in the Program?

Answer: Yes. Students will be officially enrolled to Kyungdong University during the program to qualify for KDU Global Scholarship and enroll to credit-bearing courses. All participants must obtain D-2-8 visa to be able to participate in Kyungdong Global Immersion Program 2023.


  1. Can I apply for just one of the sessions of the Program?

Answer: Yes. Participants are given the flexibility to participate in any one of both sessions during the program. However, the admission, visa, and all other requirements equally apply to all international students.


  1. Can I cook my own meal in the dormitory provided?

Answer: No. KDU Dormitories are equipped with separate kitchen spaces that will be used for serving breakfasts and cuisine classes. For safety reasons, students are not allowed to cook inside their rooms. 


  1. Does KDU Global Scholarship cover my health insurance?

Answer. No. Participants are responsible for their own international health insurance and medical expenses during the program, if any.


  1. How do I travel to KDU Global Campus from Incheon International Airport when I arrive in Korea?

Answer: Students who are admitted to the program will be provided with detailed transportation guidelines between KDU Global Campus and Incheon International Airport.  


  1. My undergraduate/graduate major at home institution is not related to any of the courses for international students at KDU Global Campus. Can I still attend the Session II?

Answer: Yes. Students can be enrolled to one of the English medium courses (Business Administration, Hotel Management, and Smart Computing) given they possess valid IELTS 5.5 (not required for English speaking countries) or Korean Studies in Korean medium of instruction provided they hold valid TOPIK Level 3 certificate during Session II. 


  1. Can I travel to other countries or other regions of Korea during the program?

Answer: Participants are not allowed to travel to other countries during the program. They can travel to other cities/regions of South Korea over weekends with prior permission from KDU Global International Office.


  1. Can I bring or invite my family members/friends during the program?

Answer: No. Participants are not allowed to bring or invite any family members/friends during the Program. KDU Global does not sponsor or invite third parties except the program participants.


  1. Are there any facilities for me to pray during my stay in KDU Global Campus?

Answer: Yes. KDU Global Campus has designated praying rooms for students practicing all religions.


  1. Does KDU Global Scholarship cover my personal transportation expenses inside South Korea?

Answer: No. Any expenses related to personal travelling/commuting inside South Korea are to be borne by the participants themselves.


  1. I applied for Session I only, why is my Admission Letter issued for Session I and Session II?

Answer: Admission letters for Session I participants are issued for Session I and Session II to provide them with flexibility to attend both sessions, should they desire.   


  1. Can I enroll to KDU Global undergraduate programs as a regular student after Session II?

Answer: Yes. Participants can file application documents to enroll as a regular or exchange student at KDU Global by the completion of Session II given that they satisfy the pertinent admission and visa requirements depending on individual cases.